Our Values

Creating Modern Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Temel Gasket is dedicated to technological developments and innovations in the automotive sector. Our engineering department researches our needs in technology and operations to produce the best already available and to develop new products. We are always ready to develop discontinued/unavailable products using the latest technology.


Temel Conta respects the earth. We make every effort and take responsibility to do our part for the protection of the environment and for a morally correct approach in this field.


Temel Gasket is dedicated to customer satisfaction. As a result of our many years of service, we know that our customers trust us for a good service before and after the purchase. The support we provide depends on our product quality. At Temel Gasket, we offer smooth, trouble-free and on-time delivery of products and after-sales support.

Employee Support
and Safety

We value our employees. Without this dedication and integrity, Temel Conta would not exist today. Quality production requires the dedication and integrity of our employees. Therefore, our goal is to always be sensitive to their needs and to create a helpful and uplifting atmosphere in our company. Ensuring the safety of our employees throughout the entire process is of great importance to us.