We will carry out the necessary "Preventive Studies" on the Environmental Dimension and Environmental Impacts of the products we produce within the scope of the production of Complete Automotive Gaskets and Special Gaskets, 

We will set our Environmental Goals and Objectives and provide a framework for Management to "Review" them periodically,

We will encourage all our Staff, Suppliers and Subcontractors to be more sensitive to the Environment,

We will fulfill our compliance obligations with our Important Environmental Aspects and other Terms to which we are subject (Environmental Legislation, Customer Requirements, Administrative and Local Regulations),

We will take measures to reduce our Environmental Impacts and set our environmental goals by assessing risks and opportunities,

We will ensure "Continuous Improvement" of our Environmental Management System and "Protection of the Environment, Prevention of Pollution",

We will document the system and improve Environmental Awareness by providing the necessary trainings to our staff,

We will provide the necessary support for monitoring and continuous improvement of the performance of our Environmental Management System,

In line with our sustainability policy; we will use "Natural Resources" efficiently, minimize their consumption, reduce waste, and make necessary improvements in "Energy Saving" to reduce climate change,

We will make the necessary improvements to mitigate climate change and minimize the impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems with a product life cycle perspective,

We will do our part to prevent "Environmental Pollution" in our processes that carry risks for HUMAN and Environmental health, take the necessary measures and minimize "Possible Environmental Risks",

We hereby undertake that by publishing our Environmental Policy on the website of TEMEL CONTA Sanayii A.Ş., we will ensure that it is open to the access of our staff, interested parties and the public, and that we will realize all the issues we have mentioned above.