The management of our organization accepts and confirms that ensuring the continuity of the Integrated Management System is extremely important for the company's employees and future strategic development plans.

In order to realize the goals and policies determined within the scope of the Integrated Management System, it undertakes that the requirements specified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO TS 16949 will be fulfilled effectively and that the effectiveness of a continuously improving quality management system will be monitored and reported at an accountable level and that the quality management system scope and strategy and quality policy and objectives will be harmonized.

Therefore, it has adopted the principle of communicating the importance of customer requirements, legal requirements and legislative requirements to the company employees and raising awareness of the company employees about the implementation of the Integrated Management System and that these requirements are continuously met.

It has adopted the principle of identifying and determining the risks and opportunities that affect the suitability of products and services and the ability to increase customer satisfaction. In this way, a system focused on increasing customer satisfaction can be secured.

As a result of this commitment, continuous improvement, process approach and risk-based thinking are supported and encouraged by providing trainings and infrastructure investments related to the Integrated Management System throughout the company.

Managers at management levels lead the Integrated Management System by giving responsibility and support to the personnel at lower levels. With the understanding of the Integrated Management System, which starts from the upper levels and is implemented, it ensures that it goes down to all levels of the company.

For this reason, the managers in the company lead the personnel at all levels to comply with the Integrated Management System procedures and to participate in the studies, both verbally and in writing.

Our company's top management is committed to comply with the Integrated Management System, which has been defined, put into effect and implemented, both within and outside the company, and to provide all support for its expansion and to lead by actively participating in the activities and to allocate the resources necessary for the efficient operation of the system, to continuously improve its effectiveness and to ensure that it is understood by all of our company team members.