The main reason of behind the development and competitive advantage of Temel is to taking care of strategic importance to R&D studies. Being aware of the vital importance of research and development in today's global market, our company adopts some principles in this direction:

  • To minimize the waste of resources,
  • To ensure that all resources to be used in production are available at the desired place and time, in the desired amount,
  • To minimize losses and increase production capability by focusing on automation studies,
  • To ensure the renewal of workbenches with high maintenance costs and low efficiency
  • Manufacturing soft gasket moulds as combined or multi-cavity and converting existing moulds to multi capacity
  • To cooperate with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions in order to increase and develop product quality and standards,
  • To follow the technological developments up-to-date by being a member of publications related to production issues and to ensure to be implemented in the company.