As Temel, we produce reliable and durable products that exceed the expectations of our customers by aiming for absolute customer satisfaction. For this purpose, we continuously improve our quality management system by applying and following international standards in our competence products and processes. 

We aim to be the business partner desired by our customers in our domestic and international market area. We carry out activities to improve our customer relations by identifying the needs, demands and expectations of all our customers in the best way. Thus, we aim to ensure continuity in customer satisfaction. Temel Gasket in-house capabilities mean our experts can specify design and manufacture everything on the site so our clients ensured to get the right material for the functionality as well as cost savings and exceptional quality control. 

With continuous technological and research and development investments, we aim to increase our production efficiency and competitiveness day by day and to use our resources more efficiently.

For this purpose, we handle all kinds of issues of nonconformity with high importance, monitor our processes with necessary statistical control methods and pursue the most effective actions to ensure that the satisfaction of our customers is permanent and that we can meet the changing expectations of our customers.

Creating a safe and secure work environment with satisfied employees is an important and inevitable principle for Temel Gasket. We create and encourage training opportunities for all of our organization members to become a more competent, more knowledgeable team that can use their skills at the highest level. We like to encourage creative and innovative ideas. The quality and added values in our production and services belong to our educated, conscious and loyal team.

Our goal is to ensure continuity in total quality with our team, which has been raised awareness with the necessary training programs, our suppliers selected on the basis of quality and our dealers focused on customer satisfaction.

We are aware that we need to protect the environment we live in from all kinds of impacts that can harm it. For this purpose, it is among our basic principles to realize production by complying with business and production regulations aimed to protect the environment.

As the key to achieving Temel Conta quality standards, we commit to all our stakeholders, customers, suppliers and our team members that we will strive for Continuous Improvement by fulfilling the requirements of our responsibilities in line with all principles and in compliance with the legislations.