Founded in 1950, the group of companies started production in İzmir Pınarbaşı/Işıkkent factory in 1974 under the brand name Temel Conta. It is the oldest and first gasket factory in Turkey. It is Turkey's first and only Ford Q1 certified company in its sector.

Temel Conta initially produced rubber, composite and compressed gasket materials. Later, Cylinder Head Gasket, Manifold / Exhaust gaskets and rubber cork metal and multilayer steel gaskets were added to the production line. Today, it manufactures innovative products for Passenger Cars, Light Commercial, Heavy Commercial, Tractors, Construction machinery and other sectors.

Today, Temel Conta manufactures a wide range of products for OEM and OES customers in two separate factories (Işıkkent and Kemalpaşa) operated by the best professionals in the industry. A new factory investment will be completed in 2022.

The priority for Temel Gaskas is to provide its customers with the highest quality end product and service. This is a process that starts with superior raw material preparation and selection. Our philosophy starts with the best raw material and unless you buy from us, you cannot be sure of the safety of the engine you are using. We earn the respect of our customers through the premium products we produce and the service we provide with great dedication. We incorporate the latest technological innovations in the product development and production process and always guarantee the best in quality control.